TWP has partnered with Head First Academy to produce the documentry "Bercovich" about a Baseball powerhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area with players like Frank Robinson, Rickey Henderson, and Randy Johnson to name a few. Check back for updates.

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People Behind Taylor Way Productions

Moacyr "Moe" Orozco

My name is Moacyr “Moe” Orozco and I have over 10 years of television and Film Production experience and just wrapped on a series of comedy sketches for

“Google TV” I’ve spent these past years traveling the world, producing everything from reality reunion shows to intense documentaries and I’m ready to start a new adventure.


Most recently I've been working with the legendary boxer Floyd "Money" Mayweather traveling around the world documenting his personal and professional life and producing all of his multi media. Talk about a ride of a lifetime two years in the making!!!!!


I learned Production from the best, Warner Brothers and ABC. Did I develop my budgeting, account skills, paperwork distribution, schedules, graphs, and everything else they threw at me, it became second nature. It has allowed me to work continuously the last 12 years all over the US and a few places out of the country.


This year as Producer I’ve worked with Guy Torry, Miguel Nunez, Verne Troyer, Essence Atkins, Lunell and a host of other actors.


My Pilot Sample This! Which I Co-Exec’d, Produced, Directed, and Edited starring Guy Torry and Arif Kinchen opened the door to me pitching projects to BET & 51Minds.

Two of the projects I produced have piqued BET’s interest.

Moacyr Orozco Resume
Click and download my resume...gotta love technology!!
Adobe Acrobat document [99.8 KB]

De Mann

De Mann has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years. Considered a triple threat in front of the camera as an actor/singer/dancer, behind the scenes he has worked as a director/choreographer/writer for both stage and film.

De Mann moved to Los Angeles in 1999 to further pursue his talents as an actor and dancer. While working as an actor on various sets, his interest in production itself started to grow. Even though acting and voice-overs were paying the bills, he took on more production jobs to learn every aspect behind the scenes. He soon found himself working with the Production Company 51 Minds during their peak. He rose in the ranks working on such shows as FLAVOR OF LOVE, ROCK OF LOVE, I LOVE MONEY and many others produced under the 51 Minds banner.  De Mann became fortunate to work closely with 51 Minds Co-Founder Mark Cronin and studied the skills of an Executive Producer on set.

De Mann met his Producing partner, Moe Orozco while working on a film in Sacramento. As their friendship grew, they also realized that they had similar goals of becoming TV & Film Producers. Each started to help the other in obtaining jobs on Film & TV gigs to learn more about the aspects of Production. They soon started sharing their creative ideas and business sense, which eventually formed their Production Company MannCyr Productions. Through their Production Company, they have recently shot their pilot SAMPLE THIS!, a music entertainment program. Through this project, they've teamed up with comedian Guy Torry and the three are no producing Guy's untitled reality show, a comedy documentary and Guy's stand up cable show.

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