TWP has partnered with Head First Academy to produce the documentry "Bercovich" about a Baseball powerhouse in the San Francisco Bay Area with players like Frank Robinson, Rickey Henderson, and Randy Johnson to name a few. Check back for updates.

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Curveball is a sports talk show that proves that the ladies can hold court just as well as (if not better than) the guys.  With one perky, vivacious moderator, two witty, opinionated hosts, and one sassy, knowledgeable “teacher” to explain it all, the ladies of Curveball combine to form one of the most attractive, entertaining television teams the sports world has ever seen.  


Shot in a laid back setting in front of a lively studio audience, the variety show will feature the ladies’ opinions on hot topics in sports, pontificating with famous folks on controversial topics, a segment in which the audience will have a chance to learn something new about sports and/or athletes, and a game show pitting host/celebrity vs. one another.  Imagine the cool dialogue of Real Time with Bill Maher meets the fun atmosphere of ESPN’s SportsNation – with four Michelle Beadle’s!  – including an in-house DJ as in the comedy sketch show In Living Color.   

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