TV Pilots

Over the past 20 years, TWP has partnered with award-winning Directors and Production Companies to create, produce and pitch many pilots for major television networks. 


Below are a few examples of these amazing shows.


<<Click>> on the below images to view the reels.

Sample This! is a music video program that plays the hottest samples from “Back In The Day”. Our host, Professor Guy “G” Torry, from Comedy Central & BET hit shows, drops knowledge on the class about the artist and the song that was sampled and his trusty sidekick, T.A., walks the streets of LA recruiting students he can quiz on “Name That Sample!” for gifts and cash prizes. 

Curveball is a sports talk show that proves that the ladies can hold court just as well as (if not better than) the guys.  With one perky, vivacious moderator, two witty, opinionated hosts, and one sassy, knowledgeable “teacher” to explain it all, the ladies of Curveball combine to form one of the most informational and entertaining television teams the sports world has ever seen.

Lifeline with Dr. Anthony is a weekly informative health talk show that covers a wide range of relevant topics meant to guide viewers to enhancing their overall state of health towards achieving a longer and healthier life.​

The Sizzle is where Black Twitter has come to life. Our hosts, LaTisha "Shay Shay" Holmes and Darnel Valentine, take the audience on an adventure as they discuss the hottest topics and trends going on in the world. 

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